The Disability Center of Bermuda is a charity that specializes in assisting persons with disabilities and consulting to the general public.

The DCOB vision is to give the persons with disabilities a greater opportunity for life, financial and mental stability while helping our community and policy makers understand the importance of living with a disability.


We are a center that is  passionate about building - or, re-building the lives of persons with disabilities and developing their story through passion. We work with individuals, employers and corporations, both international and local, and are keen on cultivating a collaborative relationship with our community and partners. We believe in providing strong advocacy on behalf of our clients.

To educate the community of Bermuda on the real understanding of disabilities and the many elements revolving around disabilities.


Change the respective laws and legislations surrounding the disability rights, policies and procedures.


The DCOB was founded by Miss. LaKiesha Wolffe who was left with a disability as an above knee amputee in 2013. She was amazed at the lack of help and the way the standards and policies was set up for disabilities. Miss Wolffe, knew Bermuda needed a person with the real challenges of being disabled to help with the changes that are needed to be made for disabilities in Bermuda. It was this need that lead her on the journey of opening The Disability Center of Bermuda. With her many certifications and qualifications surrounding disability she can turn the lives of others around and help close the gap on the lack of disability standards and policies in Bermuda.

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